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Happy Memorial Day

For All Americans here and abroad, today we remember, respect, and honor those who gave everything to protect you and your way of life. Enjoy the day but never forget what it means.


Blood-C: First Impressions – Meganekko, Vampires, & Shrine Maidens

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Episode one of Project I.G and Clamp’s (Blood+ and Code Gease) Blood-C aired two nights ago and right from the get-go those familiar with their other works will begin to see Clamp’s unique art style shine through. With the vast amount of vampire-related shows airing this season, I have to say that I was a little skeptical on how this would actually turn out.  On somewhat of a bias note, being a fan of Clamp and Project I.G. I really want to see this show do well.

[spoiler title="Opening"]
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[/spoiler] [note color="#FFE9FF"] In the first episode you meet Saya Kisaragi, your ordinary highschool girl who lives with her father.. who happens to be head priest of a local shrine. Saya is overly kind and quite clumsy when it comes to just about anything and everything. Despite this she is athletic and frequently comes out on top in physical activities. Between school and rituals at home she practices the ‘art of the sword’ in order to defeat the Old Ones.[/note]

Note: By clicking more, you may be exposing yourself to spoilers and ranting.

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Gears of War 3 Beta Quick Thoughts

So I’ve been playing the Gears of War 3 Beta for a while now and a few thoughts and initial impressions have been floating around in my head and I wanted to put them down and share them with you. These are just my opinions and this is not a review or fan boy QQ session. I like this game overall so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed the previous titles. Deathmatch being my favorite mode so far I really want to see some of the other multi player modes tested prior to launch this fall. Oh by the way you can still get in on the beta by pre-ordering the game at your local Gamestop\EB games.  Ok lets get started!

Things I like so far about the beta:
1. Graphics and engine run like butter – better textures and smoother environment rendering
2. Match making is fast – groups are formed with ease
3. The new maps are nice – I can’t wait to see the rest of them at release
4. Cool achievements and perks – You unlock more stuff as you go and its cool stuff
5. Win or lose you gain something – You will be losing a lot but a sweet victory will emerge every once and a while
6. I like the loadout changer on the dead screen – This allows you to try different guns and combination’s on the fly
7. Sound effects – I love the depth and crispness of the sound, I can’t wait to play the campaign
8. Violence! – Thank god they did not remove it and as a good option you can turn off blood and gore if you want
9. Speed of games – The pace is nice and you can force a draw by just surviving for so long, I like this feature
10. Finish him! – The new and existing executions are still present and more brutal than ever!

Read the complete article to find out what I think needs to change.

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Is It A Trap!? Reguardless Mad Skills!

The internet is full of videos and pictures with no face or proof of gender, Today I present you with what I’m thinking is a man bear pig but really you be the judge. Is she a trap? For those not familiar with the term “Trap” basically it means that the man or woman is not as advertised, its the opposite. With the old internet rule that there are no women on the internet I put my vote on Man bear pig (look at the size of its hands!). Regardless this man bear pig can rock, and it plays all your favorite anime themes and songs.
So enjoy a few tracks and leave us your thoughts.

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Politics, Anime, And You! Zion’s Two Cents Worth about it all


I have been avoiding this topic for some time due to the simple fact that I am an American and have no say in what goes down in Japan, but now it’s spilling over in the form of Internet Censorship bill and radical shifts in power over copyright law and Free and Fair usage. In Japan various acts have been enabled by their current congressional leadership to essentially ban any anime/manga/game/CG/story that the government deems “Indecent”. Ya right now this is major problem for the vast majority of companies creating art/games/anime/manga /etc in Japan. So much so that major Companies are boycotting anime trade shows and are taking it step further by telling investors and end users thats you that if this content ban is not repealed that there will be major economical and social ramifications. I’m going to say that this is not a new topic to arise but its a very HOT item and I just wanted to note that I personally support the Japanese fighting this terrible bill. Several bad things have been going on to help put this bill in motion and this getting passed is just one more step backwards for anime companies and all related industry that deal with products from Japan. Really this bill is not going to protect anyone and its another shotgun problem solving approach, its just going to kill a lot of innocent people and make a huge mess.

Read about it here: LINK

Read about the Protest: LINK

Watch this here: LINK

And watch this: LINK

Here in the United States of America Land we have a few really bad ideas coming down the pipe. The FCC has found an argument that holds water but ever so barely. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. In this bill the FCC says that the internet is a breeding ground for the free exchange of copyrighted material. Though if I last checked the DMCA or The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was updated last year with various laws that protect end users from being criminally charged for  using copyright material without ill intent. Also included were items that have no ownership in the United states and material posted online to be used in parody, review, reflection, and or fair use. So ripping DVD’s for your Ipod is still a gray area but if your not selling or trading copies you are most likely to be found not guilty of any crime.

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