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New Ghost In The Shell Anime Series ‘Arise’

majorGhost in the Shell returns with a new director and a partially new production team with Arise. Not much else is known about the Arise project but details are slowly coming out from several sources. There is going to be a huge event for fans and press on Feb 12th and with that event greater details will surface and maybe even a trailer if we are lucky.

The website for Arise anime series went up recently; when the article dropped in the Monthly Young Mag and they have disclosed that Kazuchika Kise will serve as the chief director, and Tow Ubukata is overseeing the writing of the Arise series scripts. http://kokaku-a.com/ is the official website, they have also setup a twitter and various other social media accounts.

From the released information it would appear that Production I.G who did the SAC and SAC second gig have done pre-production sketches and advertising and a good bit of character design, I’d be taking a wild guess by saying I think they will be handing this anime series, but again not 100% on that until this next major press event on Feb 12th. If the anime series goes into full production on time it might air sometime late 2013 fall or winter anime seasons.