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Tales of Vesperia: First Strike Bluray Combo

Funimation has released the date, the cover art, some details, a price and a few clips from the film’s dub. I’m happy to report that they are delivering the goods on a combo pack that includes both the DVD and High Definition Bluray. Funimation acquired rights to sell the movie last year in April, and it’s been a long wait. Read my Review HERE, keep in mind my review is based on the Japanese release. The English cast is great, though not the same as the games cast, which the games which was fantastic as well. This movie takes place before the game, so you don’t have to worry about any spoiler alerts if you have not played the game.

Pre-order Today to lock in the lower price, the MSRP is $38.99 and you can pre-order it right now on Amazon for $25.00. Buy the Game on Xbox 360 HERE for about $50 bucks.

Price: $25.00 -
Release Date: June 26th
Rating: Un-rated

More Clips after the Break!

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Trigun: Badlands Rumble Blu-Ray Pre-order

The Blu-Ray release that includes both the English Dub and the original Sub Has a Street Date of September 27. For the LOW LOW LOW PRICE of $18.99 + shipping if you don’t have Prime you can Pre-order this fantastic movie.
The Listed extras are: “Staff and cast interviews, Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro / Movie premiere digest ,Trigun Badlands: Post recording, Black Cat story, Black Cat Rare, Black Cat Lottery, Web promotion clip, Promotional video, Theatrical commercial, Theatrical trailer, Original commercials and general Trailers”

Head on over to this Link HERE and lock in your order today, trust me its good, and If you need something to watch in the meantime check out Spice and Wolf Season 2 blu-ray/dvd combo for about $40 bucks HERE. Spice and Wolf is a great series for those interested in economics, comedy and romance. A very slow show on the surface but It will suck you in and you will be wanting more.


Interstella 5555 Coming To A Blu-Ray Disc Near You Soon

Yep the Space Opera based on Daft Punks Discovery album is making the leap from DVD to Blu-ray, and you can Pre-order on Amazon HERE. The Street Date Is October 4th. This Throw back to 2003 is set in a classic art style with one of the best soundtracks ever. This is a must own for anime fans and Daft Punk Fans. I’m not sure as to what the elese comes with the pre-order or if there will be any extras worth the cost of $32 US Funbucks but I’m assuming it will come loaded with extras considering the size of a Blu-ray disc. Pre-order and find out, I know I’m buying this, and I will be reviewing it when I get my hands on it.

Never Heard of this epic space tale Well Read this:

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (インターステラ5555 Intāsutera Fō Faibu?) is a feature-length Japanese animated musical film originally released on December 1, 2003.The film is the visual realization of Discovery, an album by Daft Punk. Each track from the album has been animated as an episode in the story of the abduction and rescue of an interstellar pop band. The film was produced by Daft Punk, Cédric Hervet and Emmanuel de Buretel along with Toei Animation, under the supervision of Leiji Matsumoto. The film has no dialogue and minimal sound effects. – WikiPedia

And if you want to know even more look HERE and you really don’t need to know a lot about Interstella to enjoy it. Check out this trailer after the Break, it’s DVD qaulity but if you have no idea about Interstella well this will get your feet wet.
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Samurai Girls Blu-Ray Quick Review

Samurai Girls
Blu-Ray Complete Collection

Sentai Film Works the company\publisher of such titles as NeedLess and Demon King Daimao and Angel Beats has yet another release in the Harem comedy\action category, Samurai Girls. This release is a complete show so you get all 15 episode in crystal clear 1080P and uncensored. Yep the fog of war has been lifted to bare all, for better or worse in some cases.

So what does this show bring to the table, well it has plenty of fan service, a crazy story, and some interesting twists. I would say this show combines many little attributes from other genres, such as magical transformation, harem, super important dude, and historical figures. This is no history lesson but it’s set back in the Sengoku time period and the main characters are named after well known samurai.
So how good is the show itself and is the blu-ray any good? Well I’d say the show is not for everybody, and for those interested its good but far from great. Some things about this show don’t make sense, and with all the fan service shows out there it’s a middle of the road show with benefits. The blu-ray image quality is great, the Dub is bad really bad, and the sub quality is okay overall. The extras and art included with the blu-ray are nice but not a huge sales point.

Overall I’d say it’s a buy if you like this sort of show,I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I’d If you enjoyed Demon King Daimao, or Needless you will like this show.

Check out the Opening


New .HACK Game/Movie Blu-ray

Kite is that you?

If you are a fan of the .Hack series and you rather enjoyed the animated series’s then your in luck (If you own a PS3). There is yet another .Hack game coming down the pipe and this time they are attaching the movie to the release, so PS3 owners you are the target audience. I have been looking forward to what the .Hack group had up it’s sleeve next, they have been gender bending their characters as of late and I honestly don’t care for the trend but the animation quality and overall production quality has gone up, so it’s hard to complain about it. To be honest I think .Hack is simply following the market, and shifting their brand to reflect what the masses are buying. Reguardless I will keep my eyes open for more info about this title as it becomes available.

Check out the New .Hack movie Website HERE

ANN reports

The 3D animated .hack//The Movie will ship in Japan on a hybrid Blu-ray Disc that will include a PlayStation 3 game. Bandai Namco Games made the announcement during the Tokyo press conference on Tuesday that also revealed the film itself. Similar hybrid Blu-ray Discs were made for both Macross Frontier films.  The Movie Cast Before its Blu-ray Disc release, .hack//The Movie will open in Japanese theaters this January. 

The Trailer

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