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E3 News: Kirby for the Wii

It is exactly how it sounds, and it looks as good as it sounds. We all love this little puffy black-hole, and now we can play as him with a Wii Mote.

This is a good first party title, one that many fans have been waiting for and well just take a look at it.



E3 News: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is yet another excellent title on display at E3 this year. If you have not played the first two you really need too because your missing out on an epic saga.
Mass effect 3 is going to be the grand conclusion to the series and your shepherd be it a he or a her will determine the fate of the universe as we know it. Renegade for life! And if you are like me ‘huge nerd’ you will have to own the N7 limited collectors edition of the game.

In this case, the Mass Effect 3 N7 Edition includes not just the game (which comes in a rather nice box), but a hardcover art book, comic book, lithograph of the Normandy, an N7 patch (for your jacket/cap/bag), digital soundtrack, a Normandy prop for your 360 avatar (360 version only, of course) as well as a ton of in-game content like clothing, weapons and…a robotic dog.
It’ll sell for $80

– Kotaku

Here is the new trailer! Enjoy


E3 News: Gears of War 3 + Ice T

Yep it’s true Gears of War 3 will include a character name Griffin voiced by Ice T the rap icon.
I think its awesome and I don’t mind but other fans are saying its a bad trend and Gears should not have any celeb gamer influence in it. Whats your thoughts, check out the videos and let us know how you feel.

Here’s the video of the Ice

And Oh yeah some new Gears of War 3 Gameplay footage!


E3 News: Devil May Cry Movie and New Game

Ya prequels, love them or hate them they are here to stay. And with that said the Hollywood Film is going to be based on just that, the young Dante. I was hoping for the older Dante for the movie, but thats Hollywood for ya. The game on the other hand is looking much better than the movie, just check out this E3 trailer footage.