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Final Fantasy Open Beta Impressions

Note: These are my opinions and views on this game, I am aware that this is an open beta and that this game is still incomplete. I do not mean to disrespect or hate on this game as it still has a long way to go to being finished, so if your easily offended or harbor some nerd rage about this topic feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

Over the past few days I have been playing Final Fantasy 14 to simply find out if this is going to be my next big time sink. Initially I was excited and I could not wait to play this new installment, boy was I in for a letdown. This game had so much potential but just does not deliver to the hype its pumping out.  Just getting into the open beta has been half the battle and things have been a mess all over.

The Lack of content, crashes, primitive interface, clunky game play, not enough mobs, not enough quests, poor map, translation errors, poor chat system, poor macro system, lack of skills, lack of items\vendors, and lack of support. For example when you hit the help button nothing happens, when you alt tab the game crashes randomly making it hard to look things up.

This game just does not seem complete, I almost wish that they would take this game out of beta and delay the launch a few more months just to iron out the bugs and inject some more content. Is it worth the $70+ monthly fee, to me that answer is currently no. But I wanted this game to be good so much, I had a lot of hope coming in but those feelings have since been extinguished and replaced by disappointment. I’m not saying this game is the worst I’ve ever played but damn it’s trying hard. Don’t get me wrong this game looks and sounds Amazing, and is vastly ahead of anything else on the market in terms of graphics in MMOS but this simply is just not enough to sway me away from saying that overall my experience has been poor.

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