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Pre-Order Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Today!

As a fan of the series, and a NIS America follower I highly recommend pre-ordering today. Why? Simple, NIS America never produces enough copies and with collector editions this is a real issue. If you ever found yourself in the situation where supply is gone and demand is high, well most NIS games after 2 months post release go up in cost. Collectors editions normally are sold for $60 go for $120 or more, and the bad thing is that NIS America says you can buy them from their shop, but they are never in stock aka sold out forever.

If your new to the series well, you can’t go wrong if your looking for a Japanese style RPG with anime style and a story told in a visual novel style. Check it out and Learn more at NiS Americas website.

Standard Edition $45

Collectors Edition $60

Pre-Order HERE or where ever you buy your games


NIS America Licenses Black Rock Shooter The Game

NIS America confirmed on Wednesday August 24th that it has licensed Black Rock Shooter the Game for the Sony PSP in The US/Canada and Europe. The release date will be announced “in the near future.” Well I’m happy to see that NIS has gone after a huge title, I really hope this game makes it over the pond mostly intact. I have Faith that NIS America will do the game justice, and I’m looking forward to getting my paws on it. I’ve added two more videos after the break, one containing game play and one featuring the White Rock Shooter. Check them out!

Say you’ve never heard of NIS America, check them out HERE. They publish Anime and games from Japan, they are an excellent company and supply excellent games overlooked by many publishers here in North America.

ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME
Short Game Description

In the year 2032, Earth suffers from a sudden invasion by alien forces. Nineteen years passed after that event, and with chaos ruling the globe, the only way to rescue the world from utter destruction is to survive and fight against those who force Earth into complete annihilation.

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