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Pre-Order Me: Charlotte Dunoa

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This figure is already hard to find and it just went up for pre-order. As of now you can’t place a pre-order through cd-Japan, Hobby Search or Hobby Link Japan. My suggestion is if you want one check in with your local anime shop or re-seller to see if they have ordered one and buy it through them. The other option is to wait and see Kotobukiya opens up to take more pre-orders. This is going to be a rare one, if your a fan of the show or you just want an amazing figure pre-order or line up your purchase today.

Charlotte Dunoa -Bunny Style
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Producer: Ryo Hashimoto
Show: IS (Infinite Stratos)
Release Date: October 2012
Price: $100

 ”The Bunnies are attached with Magnets.”


Pre-Order Me: Saber Beach Queen

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Well here’s something warm and tropical for the kickoff of spring pre-orders. Based on an illustration by Type-Moon artists Takashi Takeuchi, this Saber is hands down one of the best looking swimsuit version figures I’ve seen in many years. I love the little details like the water bottle, the lines on the towel, the cut of the suit and the perfect Saber face.

Her expression is often done poorly resulting in a derpy looking Saber figure, for some reason many Saber figures wearing a swim suit just look bad, this figure is a rare exception that got it right. This figure being only 1/10th scale is a bit small for my collection but, it looks really nice and the price is fair so this is on my pre-order list for sure. Pre-order HERE or where ever you get your figures.

Manufacturer : Wave
Scale : 1/10
Material : PVC , ABS
Producer : Yozo Ogawa
Series : Beach Queens
Original : Fate/Zero
Release Date : Late October
Price : 3,800 yen about 45.00 US


Pre-Order Me: Racing Miku Figure 2011 Ver.

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This Figure looks amazing, Good Smile Company continues to deliver high quality Miku figures, and this racing version is something special. Pre-order opens tommarow at the GSC website HERE, other websites such as Hobby Search will also open pre-orders within the end of the week. Cost has yet to be announced, but If I had to guess it’s probably going to be in the $80-100 range plus shipping. Updated! You can Now pre-order at most online shops such as Hobby Search!

Make: Good Smile Company
Character: Miku
Costume: Good Smile Racing
Scale: 1/8th
Material: PVC
Pre-order: Opens on 3/29/2012
Cost: About $90 + shipping


Pre-Order Me: Shining Tears Blanc

[jcarousel source="post" link="image" size="200x200" limit="10" items="3" speed="400" margin="10"] Manufacturer : Orchid Seed
Scale : 1/7
Character: Blanc Neige
Material : PVC
Producer : Kosuke Arai
Show\Game : Shining Tears
Release Date : Sep (Mar. 16, Pre-order start.)
Regular Price : 9,334 yen111.82 USD

If your a Shining Tears and you rather enjoyed the second series then this figure is for you. It is a bit expensive in my opinion for this type of figure but it looks good and will be limited so put down your money soon. You can Per-order HERE or wherever you choose.


Pre-Order Me: Miku Hatsune : Cheerful Ver.

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The final product in the Cheerful JAPAN charity project is a 1/8th scale figure based on the winning illustration from the Cheerful JAPAN! feat. Miku Hatsune Cheerful Illustration Contest.
The illustration was titled ‘Cheer Up!!’, and was illustrated by bun150.
She is wearing a cheerful cheerleader’s outfit, and has a huge smile across her face to help spread the cheer all over the world!

If you want one of these beautiful Miku’s your best bet is to put your money down now or as soon as you can because these are going to be limited and very hard to find as this will be the only run. 2000 yen will be donated for every sale, so not only are you buying an excellent figure your supporting a good cause. Pre-Order from HERE

  • Cost: ¥10,000 = about $120 + shipping
  • Pre-order Date range: Orders can be placed between 9th March 2012 (Fri) from 11:00 until 28th March 2012 (Wed) at 20:00. (JST)
  • Ship Date: August 2012